A Myriorama of Interiors

A Myriorama is a children's card game popularised in the 19th century. The player arranges and re-arrange cards into endless interlinking scenes, allowing them to build their own story.

I developed a scene of an impossible interior, where depth and perspective is questioned, and included uncanny elements such as a single shoe on the ground, an open umbrella, broken vases, and furniture placed in ways that don't make sense. The player is invited to lay out the cards in any way they see fit, and develop their own story to rationalise these anomalies.

This game was also made to poke fun at the way that modern interior design is often presented in magazines. To make the photos more interesting, photographers sometimes put objects in strange places, such as a large vase of flowers in the middle of the kitchen floor, or a bright green satchel that appears in the background of every shot. Not only does this add a strangely absurd element to these otherwise perfectly planned and manicured homes, it often renders the space unusable.

2023, 12 card 3-colour Risograph with box.15cm x 10cm x 0.5cm