Slowly It Is Becoming Our Home, Our Ritual Place

Still Life is a subject with a long history, but one that for hundreds of years was considered low art. Originally still life studies were devices for training artists, then they became mass produced for newly wealthy merchants, who wanted them to display as evidence of their success.

I approached these themes with the intent of presenting a modern, more accessible interpretation of a classical still life. I chose a selection of old, new, gifted, and vintage objects to reflect the 'magpie' way of collecting that current trends lean towards. I included fruits that are traditionally found in Dutch Master still life paintings, but I chose easy-peel oranges instead of the traditional knife-cut lemon, and included the sticker from the pomegranate as a reminder that it all came from the supermarket.

2023, Screenprint on Fenner Omnia White, 320gsm

Edition of 8, 90cm x 60cm